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The people we meet can impact our entire lives. Getting to know one person can affect us in ways that we may not notice at the time. In my life I have met many of those people. One of them, a girl I met in 4th grade has had a major impact on me. She was from Puerto Rico, she was quiet and she desperately wanted to make friends. I learned more from that frizzy haired girl than I would ever have expected to.

She introduced herself to me on the playground and I could tell she was desperate for any friend, she just wanted to belong. Like most ten year olds, I was naïve about many things. Her Puerto Rican culture was different from anything that I grew up with and being that was worth making fun of to someone who didn’t know any better. I liked pizza, she liked beans and rice. I would make cruel comments about her frizzy hair and her unusual clothes. Everyday I would taunt her during recess and tell her on the way back to the classroom that I was sorry. I didn’t want the teachers to find out. Somewhere deep inside me I knew what I was doing was wrong. At the time, I just didn’t think about it. Everyday she forgave me while wiping away her tears; she didn’t want to loose me as a friend so she put up with it. All she wanted was my acceptance, my understanding.

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We moved on to middle school, but things were still the same. I sat with her at lunch and criticized her favorite television shows and music. I could see the hurt in her eyes, but I brushed it off. Sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you; at least that’s what I thought. One day, however, things changed. I had forgotten my lunch money that day, and remarked how hungry I was. She pulled two dollars out of her pocket and handed it to me, “Here, You can have mine, I don’t need it. Really, just take it.” The look in her eyes was unforgettable as she begged for my approval. As if by taking her money I would be granting her biggest wish. I will never forget that look. That was the look of a broken person, a person who only wanted acceptance among her peers. She had given me her own money and the only thing she wanted in return as my friendship. I took her money and bought lunch. That was the foulest tasting food I had ever eaten. That night I looked in the mirror and a face of a malicious monster stared back at me. All those years and I never realized how bad I was hurting her. I could barely stand my own reflection. The next day I saw her and I was filled with shame so I did the only thing I could do. I begged for her forgiveness, telling her that during those three years of taunting and teasing I didn’t know how bad I had treated her. I had finally woken up that day. I told her that I would understand if she never wanted to talk to me again. Then, to my great surprise she told me that she forgave me, that all was forgotten.

I learned so much from her, things I will never forget. I learned that children can be cruel. I discovered the importance of generosity and respect, the power of an apology, and guilt. But most importantly, I found out that forgiveness is the ultimate gift to one who wants to be forgiven. Although we went to different high schools, and I haven’t seen her in years, her face remains a constant in my life. Whenever someone wrongs me I recall the girl with the frizzy hair and how she forgave me for my brutality. When they ask for an apology, or even if they don’t, I forgive them. Because life is too short to hold grudges.For essay writing service please visit our site.

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